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Self Registration

12 August 2020

Welcome to the Knowsley Self Registration Site

Welcome to the Knowsley Safeguarding Children’s suite of Safeguarding e-learning courses. Courses have been selected in line with identified priorities and current safeguarding agendas.

The Knowsley Safeguarding Children’s Board are committed to the continuous learning and development of staff and volunteers working with children young people and families in Knowsley.

If you have already registered please click the following link to access your account:


If you haven’t got an account then registration is simple, just click the following link and follow the step-by step guide:


This suite of e-learning courses is free to Knowsley based staff and volunteers following funding from the children’s board.

Please choose 1 course initially; once you have completed it you may choose another, using the Request Learning Tab when you login. Once registered you will have up to 28 days to complete your course. Having started each course you and your manager will be emailed at 2 and 4 weeks with a reminder of the time left for completion. Should you start a course but fail to complete it within a designated period your service may incur a charge of £25 per course.

Should you wish to continue your learning Knowsley have a fantastic range of Safeguarding courses available, please login and select the Requested Learning tab, here you can choose another course.

Evidence of impact in practice

In order to evaluate the impact in practice of these e-learning courses you and your manager will be emailed a short questionnaire 3 months after each completed course that will seek specific examples of how you have embedded the learning you have gained in to your day to day practice and or service policies and procedures.

Information for Managers

E-Learning can provide a cost effective solution for the learning and development of your staff and volunteers however it is important that staff have the necessary help and support to enable them to engage fully with e-learning.

Contact Details

For learning support enquiries please contact Virtual College directly on 01943 605 976

For queries regarding the course content or suitability to your personal learning objectives ring 0151 443 2971 or email stating e-learning query in the subject field to prioritise your query.

To find out more about Knowsley Safeguarding Children’s Board and to access other development opportunities which may be available please click here: